Dienstag, Oktober 26

WOW! I'm in Ohio

I arrived last week, but there was so much noise and whirl wind activity that I decided to just relax from all the traveling I've done and stay in my box for a couple days. Last night, I realized that all that noise was intriguing me, so I slowly opened the lid and looked out at a most amazing sight. There before me was a sparkling that hurt my eyes. My host all offered me sun glasses because of the glare coming off their bodies, but eventually with dim lighting and a glass of wine, I became use to the attack on my eyes. Then I was amazed that here were all these creatures made from beads and fabric waiting for me to do something. What could I do to make them less nervous? One thing is that I had to switch my vocal recognition from German to English. I still had a little trouble understanding some of them as they all had some accent. Daisy told me it was called Appalachian & I'd get use to it, but that forget understanding the trolls as they purposely spoke in Trollish to let the others know they were unique. Like not looking at those faces would make me even realize they blended in. I was introduced to some celebrities who told me THEY were on the front cover of a magazine...Daisy said they were just stuck up and had to do what the big tree told them to do. I felt better.

Then Daisy sat next to me & whispered all the secrets of this house filled with all kinds to creatures. The best secret she told me was to just be myself and to not let all the sparkle blind my judgment. Most the the beaded creatures thought because it took more time to create them that they were special, but Daisy said that Dot loved all of them.

This morning when I got up was I surprised to go into the big room with all these plants and sunlight and find movie stars! I'm not kidding? Here is me with Cher, Dracula, and this little chipmunk who said she had Alvin's heart sewn up in a pouch. She was very cute and had this high pitched voice that was so adorable. Dracula wanted to share his lunch with me, but yuck! I don't like human blood. Cher was too busy singing to the Sun to eat. She said she got her power from the Sol. Is that some version of American fast food? I don't know. Finally Chloe let me eat some of the delicious nuts and berries. She said Alvin loved acorns, but I passed. I don't have any big teeth to bit into that hard shell.

Half an hour after lunch, I was invited into the foyer where Fantasy sat in her ocean garden with all her friends. Now I understand what Daisy said as Fantasy was so friendly and just earthy in her watery goodness that I began to feel I could live here. Then the seahorse nipped at my patch thinking it something good to eat so I had to leave, but I waved at Fantasy & promised to come back for another swim soon.

Now I'm busy packing. Dot told me that she had a big surprise for me. Tomorrow she's taking me to Kentucky to attend my first doll makers conference. I have no idea what that is, but I'm excited.

hugs Cutie Potato


  1. Oh Cute Potatoe, you are in heaven with all those friends. I can't wait to hear about your exciting journey to Kentucky. xox Corrine

  2. WOW! I so envy Cutie and all the traveling she is doing. She must be having the time of her life!

  3. What a magical place Cute Potatoe.....x

  4. divinely fun and fabulously fab. loved it.