Sonntag, Oktober 17

Cute Potatoe Gets an Adjustment

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cute Potatoe Gets an Adjustment

Cute Potatoe was complaining of a little
back pain from all her travel far and wide
so she went with me to visit the wondrous
Dr. Patel, my chiropractor.

Here she is on the table waiting for
Urvashi to begin. A little flip on to
her tummy and voila...

Her back felt so much better she wanted a
cuddle with Dr. Patel.

Don't they look sweet together.

I thought that maybe her back was
out of whack because she did not
have a dream pillow to rest upon
at night, so with the bits of fabric
and buttons Beate sent, and some
of my own, Cute now has a lavender
and eucalyptus dream pillow to
travel with her on the rest of her journey.

Here she is modeling
with her sleeping sack and the
pillow.  I think she feels better already.

Sweet, flowery dreams
Cute Potatoe as you wend
your way to Dot of SpeadieBeadie.
Flat Alice and I will miss you.


  1. LOL! Oh she's on her way here. Looks like she'll be heading down to Kentucky with me to go to a doll maker's conference!


  2. She's all adjusted and smelling pretty for the trip. You're a good hostess!

  3. You are the sweetest hostess. hope she won't be spoiled...

  4. How wonderful, I love all the story's. What might she will tell me, if she is back home???

  5. Lucky Cute, she really is getting spoiled on her trip.