Samstag, November 6

Whew...what a week

I just had the best time ever last weekend. It has taken me this long to get over the traveling over 500 miles in one weekend. First off, I got to met a very famous doll maker from Tasmania. Susie McMahon does the most amazing thing with paper clay, gel medium, and paint. Her dolls are the most amazing thing I've seen in my travels here. We started out last Wednesday picking Susie up from her friend's house, Linda Apple. Susie had a few things to put in the back of the Element as she has been traveling around the United States teaching doll making. Then we picked up one of Dot's Guilded Lily sisters, Janet. Janet had lots and lots of wee bags for me to go through as we drove further south to pick up Cyndy. Cyndy took one look at the back of the Element & couldn't figure out where he stuff was going to go. Dot told all three to go into the house & grab a drink and then she'd do her stuff as a creative packer. She did indeed get everything into the Element and off we went south on I-71 to Shelbyville Ohio and the conference MM&M.

Everyone had the best time first off with Susie taking two whole days to sculpt faces. Everyone except Dot & Cyndy made the most gorgeous adorable female faces. Cyndy' wanted to make a beautiful borg and indeed she was beautiful except for the big hole in her head, but hey! who am I to talk about facial problems. Dot made this steampunk head which she swore will eventually be turned into a doll. We'll see about that!

Then we took a class with Lucy Landry. She does incredible silk embroidered faces.I wanted to post a picture of me with the Moth doll, but someone had the wrong settings on the camera...not me as I don't have thumbs or fingers. Dot had a bit of vertigo these last two days so she didn't finish anything. I think she spent more time napping & walking around looking at what everyone else was doing. But she learned some pointers on how to assemble the finished doll. Once again, I'm not holding my breath that she finishes, but then she just might surprise me before I leave.

Well, she promised me to take her to work this weekend. I wonder if they make lab coats in my size.



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  2. i must check out that doll maker form tassie. looks like you are having a ball, its wonderful to do classes....

  3. It looks and sounds like the best fun. Enjoy.

  4. Wow, what a trip! Now I am officially jealous...
    Can we put me in a paperbox to travel around the world?

  5. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog about my angel that needed feed back!

    I love Susie's dolls and I love your cute little potato!!!!
    : ) Pattee