Donnerstag, Oktober 14

Cute Potatoe and Flat Alice

The girls have really gotten to know each other
over the last few days and since today is just
a pristine Fall day, we hung out in the yard together.
The first freeze was last night.  We woke up to 32F/0C
this morning and promptly lit the wood stove
to warm up the house.

But now the weather has warmed to 50F/10C
and the sky has puffy white dot clouds and
glorious sun. The girls thought it would be
great to do a little raking up by the wood pile.
They were so helpful.

We took a stroll up into the garden and the girls
just disappeared.  I found them later playing hide
and seek among the comfrey leaves with some
wild asters they had picked in the garden.

They helped me pick dandelion, wild chickweed
and some mint for the rabbits and ducks.

Smudge bunny and the duck girls
really appreciated their wild greens.
Then Smudge decided to hang out
with the girls in the hay.

I think Cute Potatoe was
taking a little nap in the leafy green coolness.
Flat Alice and Smudge had quite the chat.

We took some pictures
of the turning leaves across
the pond.

But the colors seem a little dull this year.
And the girls rested by the kayak before coming
in for lunch.

The Ancient One kept a watch over us all.