Mittwoch, August 11

Cute Potatoe has a new friend....

Before she took herself off yesterday for a lie down... she made me promise to do something creative and because she had had a rough few days I had to oblige.  I felt she wouldn't be missing Beate quite so much if she had a friend of her own.  In her belongings there was a bag of fabric pieces to make something with and after much thought I had a lightbulb moment and decided to make her a teddy :D

She was so excited to meet him this morning that she was jumping up and down with happiness and a big smile has been on her face all day.  I told her the button on his tummy is a happiness button and if she feels homesick she can touch it and all will be well with the world again. :-P

Another exciting thing happened to CP today... we haven't been out because I have been looking after my grandson who became camera shy (that's a first)... but he introduced her to The Stig and she thought he was so handsome and allowed him to teach her to play  He looked on with his arms folded and congratulated her when she took to the game like a duck to water :D

Way to go CP... what a gal
Chris xx


  1. I am sure CP loves her new teddy companion and the happiness button will make her travels so happy.

  2. CP is obviously having a fabulous time with you, and fancy meeting the Stig in person. Do you think he whispered his real name in her ear...??

  3. just wonderful - I'm speechless - wonderful it is just wonderful

  4. LOL. How great the CP has a new friend to hug & love on when it is dark & her hostess is sleeping. And WOW! Looks like CP has developed a crush!