Dienstag, August 10


Hello everyone.  Cute Potatoe has now arrived at my house in England.  I apologise for the delay in posting but I wasn't home when she first arrived so poor girl had to spend a while at the Post Office depot until she could be re-delivered.   She was sooooo tired when she arrived that all she wanted was a hot cup of tea and sleep!!
Poor Cute Potatoe not only was she jet lagged but she also had no company for almost a week !
 She is now safely tucked away in bed catching up on her beauty sleep while I plan what we can get up to together the rest of the week.  She sure does look CUTE with that mop of red hair spread out on the pillow.  Hope she has nice dreams :D
We will see you again tomorrow.
Chris xx


  1. Hope she doesnt spend to much time in bed, dont want to miss out on all those wonderful places to visit....

  2. ..but same rest is ok! And then we'll look the hole fun

  3. So glad to see she has arrived to you Chris, it's been a long journey,she look so sweet as she lies in the bed, have fun with her.