Sonntag, August 15

Apple pickin' time

Nothing much happened for Cute Potatoe the last few days cos we've had oooodles of rain...bah!!... but today the sun shone and while CP and I were taking in the view of a wonderful blue sky we spied something at the bottom of the garden that I hadn't noticed before. CP obviously has much better eyesight than I and squealed with excitement at her discovery of an apple tree :D Ooooooh can we go climbing and pick apples says she... Not on your Nelly says I ... don't you know I'm scared of heights!! Well CP was having none of that... excuses, excuses .... all you have to do is lift me up cos I is a brave Cute Potato I am. So off we trotted and true to her word she was fearless and before I knew it she had leapt from my arms and was off like a shot climbing that tree like a seasoned lumberjack .

She perched herself up there in the dizzy heights ...trying to get a suntan as she posed for a while and THEN....... "T I M B E R" she shouted as she shook those branches with all her might while the apples tumbled down like rain around my head until I stood in a puddle of them :D Job well done says she.... laughing hilariously at my predicament... "don't stand on them... we have to eat them". She was a good CP though once she dried the tears of laughter from her eyes and helped me collect all her well earned goodies ready for whatever mouthwatering delight I manage to make with them :D

They are only teeny weeny apples (crab apples to those of you who know what I'm talking about) but with lots of sugar I'm sure they will taste just wonderful!!

hugs Chris xx


  1. And.... did your crab-apples taste good?

  2. Oooh, great apples for CP. We can't wait for apple season here, soon!
    Glad she is spending so much time in the garden, but heights, not for me either. xox Corrine