Mittwoch, August 18

Broooom Broooom....

Well it's almost the end of CP's stay with me and I wanted to make her last day as exciting as possible. As she was so thrilled to meet ' The Stig' the other day I thought she would like to try out some wheels and give him a run for his money.  My Brother-in-Law has this cool bike and as there was no way on earth that I was perching MY bottom on there... my Sister (suitably disguised...being camera kindly offered Cute Potato a ride .  CP perched herself way up front, not wanting to miss a moment....

but after a while she decided that her hair was getting messy in the wind and hopped backwards onto the seat.  A gal always wants to look her best after all :D

A while later she went on a visit to the train museum exchanging one set of wheels for another.  The reason being that this is what the town I live in is famous for.   Timothy Hackworth made his home here and built some of the most famous locomotives of his time.

Cute Potato did a lot of climbing but she didn't seem to mind a bit... in fact she is a bit of a diva in front of the

Can you spot her on this train... the famous Mallard... heh heh I almost lost her up there she looked so tiny.

Well we've had a ball Cute potaoe and I and I really will be sorry to see her leave... but she is moving on to pastures new tomorrow (should have been today BUT I got my days mixed's my age don't you  I don't think CP minded but she is really looking forward to the next leg of her journey and I'm sure she is going to receive a lovely warm welcome from Lorna and will be looking forward to having more adventures to share.


  1. What a wonderful time she's had...

  2. No motorcycles for me, both those train rides CP took, marvelous. She will have a swell time with Lorna, since Lorna has so many other pals for her to meet. Glad she had such a wonderful time with you. xox Corrine

  3. Thank you Chris for all this wonderful pictures and I'm so glad you both had such a wonderful time.

  4. Wow now how can the rest of us make CP happy when she's already had so much fun on her trip!


  5. Yes, indeed, flyingbeader, how can the rest of us make CP happy. She's set the bar very high. We are really going to have to pull a trick out of our sleeve. Great pictures,too.