Mittwoch, August 25

Cute Potatoe meets Augustus and visits a tattoo parlour

Cute Potatoe arrived on Monday..we were so happy to see her...Augustus was particularly delighted.....on Tuesday we went to Visit a tattoo studio in Brighton while we were there we went to the beach,had a bus ride and went for a promenade on the pier where Cute Potatoe wondered what it would be like to be a lifeguard.......Cutie (as Augustus has named her) quite fancied getting 'inked' at the tattoo shop....thought I had better keep an eye on her she obviously has a 'wild' side........x

Thanks Beate for the lovely pendant I wore it all yesterday .....thanks to Helga Anni and Chris for your gifts too .........xx


  1. as I can see Cute Potatoe and Augustus have a wonderful time together - this is miraculous, and you prepare cute Potatoe a wonderful time - I thank you for this and the wonderful photos.

    you wear the Pendant like an honouring which you have got from the Queen - wow

  2. Cute Potato is turning into quite the party girl with her muscle man and sand between her toes.

    P.S. You look mah-ve-lous in your new pendant!