Samstag, Januar 15


I'm not sure how Cute Potatoe ended up going to my old address BUT ...***good news***...  as she arrived to-day, Beate & Jacq!  It had me a trifle worried.  I think there is a very nice mailman in Kentucky who sent Cute Potatoe on the right path. 

Cute Potatoe asked me to say she had a fun time on her whirlwind mailing trip as she heard some juicy stories from some of the other packages.  Some of them made her laugh.  One of the packages was in German and it reminded her fondly of her Mama Beate (Küsse, Küsse to Mutter) and her home. 


  1. So glad Cute Potatoe is safe. I mailed her to the address that came with her. Didn't know it was wrong until after she was in the mail. I imagine she has many stories to tell, I hope her trio was not to scary.

  2. Oh yes me too I mean I'm glad she is safe and all right, and thank you for her kisses :-)))