Sonntag, Januar 23

Cute Potato Family Reunion

Cute Potato loves to sing around the supper table! and tell a few (farfetched) yarns.  With song in their hearts, and more than a few tales in mind, a Spuds Family Reunion was held in Cute Potatoes honor.

Grand Mutter Edeltraut shared her recipe for a good life : Laughter (and reminded Cute Potatoe to always eat her greens).

Cousin Arnold just returned from an outer space mission and had more than a few of his own (ahem, out of this world) tales to tell.

When they came together in the Buffet line, it was easy to see the family resemblance and that made everyone so happy that they forgot their manners and broke into a wild dance.  Cute Potatoe taught the group some fancy dance moves before Grand Mutter Edeltraut settled them all down.

Cute Potatoe really liked playing Pin the Curly Tail on the Golden Pig. 

Honey Bear gave Cute Potatoe a gigantic kiss and a hug.
As Dieter waved good bye to Cute Potatoe, he whispered,
Laughter and joy, friends and family,
you know how I feel...


  1. How wonderful to meed so many good friends, Cutie must be very happy

  2. Cutie, where are you? It's been over a month since we have heard from you. Have you gotten lost or taken the scenic route to your next stop?
    Hurry back, I miss you.

  3. Hey Marion, leuk dat je meedoet aan de give away bij creJJtion of nou ja, je deed een poging voor beide :-)...
    liefs van Maaike