Freitag, September 17

Working 9 to 5

Reading Cute's travel journal, it seems like she has been having far too much fun on her travels ;-) so I thought it was about time Cute experienced something a little more 'ordinary' so these last couple of days I've dragged CP along to the office to help me out.I have to admit things have been far easier with CP around, my diary is getting organised, reports are being written and handed in on time and even the filing has been done. CP is a great Personal Assistant :) The only downside is CP keeps stealing all the chocolate biscuits at coffee break.

But before you readers get worried that it's all work and now play for CP here in Chippenham, don't worry the weekend is almost upon us, and I will be taking CP to visit some of Wiltshire's ancient wonders.


  1. It's no wonder she is eating all the chocolate biscuits. Organizing is hard work. Maybe she can straighten up my office when she gets here. I will stock up on chocolate just for her! xox Corrine

  2. She looks so efficient .thankfully she is doing something sensible ....she was going a bit wild at our house !!!......x

  3. I bet she picked up some tips on how to increase her typing speed, too.