Samstag, September 18

Wiltshire's World Heritage Rocks!

Angela and I have had a great time out and about this morning exploring some of Wiltshire's ancient places. First off we went to the Avebury stone circle, a World Heritage Site.Avebury is great, unlike the famous circle at Stone Henge, you can get right up to and play among the huge sarsen stones.
Well I thoroughly exhausted myself running around among the stones but there was more to see yet. Look here I am giving Angela some Cute Potatoe loving at Silbury Hill.The adventure didn't end at Silbury, we had one last place to go. The journey was quite dangerous, I thought I might get eaten but the local wildlife.......... but we made it past and I got a well deserved rest sitting among the entrance stones to West Kennet Long Barrow.You can even go part way inside this ancient burial mound. It's pretty spooky but also very beautiful.What a fabulous morning, Wiltshire rocks!It'll soon be time for me to go on the next leg of my world tour, but there might be time for one more outing in Wiltshire before I go. Love Cute XX


  1. how wonderfull!!!
    I like to be on Tour with CP

  2. A positively adorable post. The place looks amazing and CP is gaining in her history knowledge.

  3. I Love Avebury i'm pleased cutie did too ...xx

  4. I have fond memories of Wiltshire and Avebury, what a wonderful adventure she is having with her hosties...