Sonntag, Januar 22

My bedtime reading...

I'll going to show you step by step all the wonderful treasures I have found here in the parcel, which arrived yesterday from Australia. 
from Helga, Germany

from Anni Ploug, Denmark

from Anni Ploug, Denmark with a very special story on the back.Germans came to Denmark in the late 1700s and was called:"potatoe Germans" - this is funny!!

I'm totally overwhelmed, it is so infinitely beautiful to look at all these things and to read your reports.

I feel now in a very special way connected with you all.
Thank you and a big hug to all of you very special persons.You have made ​​me immense pleasure to be a part of this project.
I'm speechless...

For me, things have changed a lot while she was on her world tour. How you felt during this time, since you are still there, where you was before ? 
Cute Potatoe is now with her friends again and she had a lot to tell, I think..