Sonntag, Dezember 12

So Much To Do

On Saturday we went to the town of Castle Rock and had lunch with friends. There were a few people eating stuffed baked potatoes, needless to say I stayed far away from them. After eating we sang some Christmas songs, I am learning the English words.

Today we picked up Jacq's mother and went to church. There are four generations of their family that go to this church and Jacq's son-in-law is the pastor. The picture of me is in front of the Advent wreath. We spent the afternoon sewing on Christmas projects and also had a little nap. I wonder what is going on at home in Germany and how Beate is doing?


  1. Probably wise to stay away from the stuffed potatoes. You look all holiday near the advent wreath. Yes, where has Beate been? xox Corrine

  2. What a lovely Christmassy weekend you've spent!!! Bravo!

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  4. Beate and the girls are fine, thanks for asking!
    the three of us wish you a wonderful time and we are sure you'll have one- have fun and do not eat to much cookies - please!!! Think about the postmen...