Donnerstag, Juli 22

Anni on tour with Cute Potatoe

Wanted to buy some new fabrics and other stuff that I need, so today Cute Potatoe and I was picked  up by my daughter in-law, we wanted to visit a town called Års one hour drive from where I live,  in the shop in Års there are a lots of  fabric and other exciting things.

 riding on a cute horse there stood in the shop

interesting things in a sewing box, is there anything I can use.

lunch in a park and a climbing trip in a large wooden figure.

A nice cup of tea with grandmother in her home in Aalborg, 
after drinking tea we drove home, very tired.


  1. aww cute and nice day was had by all :)

  2. I would like to be on that tour too! Especially sitting up high on that wooden sculpture.

  3. I bet she is going to be needing some time off to rest & relax after that busy schedule you had for her.


  4. I enjoy reading about Cute Potatoe's travels. She must be having such a good time.

  5. Oh my! what a fabulous and fun day. Cute Potatoe really has a big smile on her face when she shopped the sewing box of (eyeball) buttons.